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Product Name:Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate


Product Name: Trimethylolpropane tris(2-methyl-1-aziridinepropionate
Code Number: Crosslinking agent XC-100;
English Alias: 2-(((3-(Aziridin-1-yl)propanoyl)oxy)methyl)-2-ethylpropane-1,3-diyl bis(3-(aziridin-1-yl)propanoate)
CAS.NO: 64265-57-2 Molecular Formula:

C24H41N3O6 FM=467.67

Product Specifications:

Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid 
Solid content: >99% 
Methyl aziridine group content: 6.16 mol / kg 
Viscosity: 150 ~ 250 cp @ 25 ° C 
Density: 1.08 Kg / L @ 20 ° C 
Freezing point: -15 ° C 
Boiling point range: much more than 200 ° C (polymerization) 
Solubility: completely dissolved in water, alcohol, ketone, ester and other common solvents.

Product Usage:

The aqueous coating low-temperature crosslinking agent; blocked cross-linking agent 
to improve the water resistance of the leather coating, washing resistance, chemical resistance and resistance to elevated temperature properties; improved water and detergent resistance of the aqueous ink; 
hard wood floor in an aqueous paint It can improve its water resistance, alcohol resistance, detergent resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance; it can improve its water resistance, alcohol resistance and anti-adhesion in waterborne industrial paint; it can generally improve the attachment of waterborne system on non-porous substrate. Focus on.

Other content:

Chemical name:
2,2-bis({[3-(2-methylaziridin-1-yl)propanoyl]oxy}methyl)butyl 3-(2-methylaziridin-1-yl)propanoate
Packaging and storage:
4x5Kg plastic drum, 25Kg plastic-lined iron drum
shelf life: can store 18 months at room temperature

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